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Endangered Sea Turtles
Few Natural Enemies - Many Man-made Threats

Once, their ancestors roamed the oceans by the millions, but today, Photo Courtesy of Turtle TraxSea Turtles have been reduced to the brink of extinction.  Populations continue to decline due to loss of habitat and the demand for turtle meat, shells, eggs, and leather.   In addition, thousands of sea turtles drown in shrimp trawls - unnecessarily - Every Year.  Others die from pollutants or from swallowing trash mistaken for food.  Hatchlings drawn to artificial lights wander away from the ocean, and are crushed by cars or become stranded.   People around the world are concerned and are working to protect these magnificent creatures.

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Euro Turtle! 

Europe's first Sea Turtle Biology & Conservation Web Site for Science and Education
Euro Turtle

Caribbean Conservation Corporation 

The Caribbean Conservation Corporation and the Sea Turtle Survival League are working to ensure the survival of sea turtles through research, education, advocacy and the protection of the natural habitats upon which they depend.   
Caribbean Conservatiom Corporation

National Wildlife Federation! 

Shrimp trawling is a leading cause of sea turtle deaths worldwide, despite the fact that a simple solution exists
Join the NWF fight against the World Trade Oranization Ruling!

Sea Turtle Restoration Project 

The Sea Turtle Restoration Project (STRP) works to protect sea turtle populations in ways that meet the ecological needs of the sea turtles and the needs of the local communities who share the beaches and waters with these endangered species.   
Sea Turtle Restoraton Project

Turtle Trax! 

Sea turtle information, pictures, and cartoons. Includes the story of the turtles of Honokowai, Maui, Hawaii, and their struggle with tumours and a degrading environment.
Turtle Trax

Sea Turtle Preservation Society 

Thinking Globally - Acting Locally
Melbourne Beach, Florida

STPS Newsletter -- Turtle Talk

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Animated nesting sequence from Euro Turtle!

Euro Turtle Nesting Sequence!

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Archie Carr Turtle Refuge Wallpaper!


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