The Indiana Grand Kankakee Marsh Restoration Project is dedicated to the recovery and perpetuation of waterfowl populations by protecting, enhancing, and restoring the wetlands and associated ecosystems of the Indiana Grand Kankakee Marsh.

The Indiana Grand Kankakee Marsh Restoration Project (IGKMRP) was initiated to provide an avenue for willing partners to work together in an effort to put back some of what had been taken away.

A coalition of conservationists, with many different reasons for wanting the grandness to return to the Kankakee River Basin, have joined in an effort that has accrued an impressive set of accomplishments in the first years of its existence. Individuals, corporations, conservation groups, and government agencies have banded together and taken the first steps in a 10-year program to re-establish the local heritage of the Grand Kankakee Marsh. The early successes have only been surpassed by the aspirations of making the riverine marsh system a reality again. Working within a realistic focus, the project management team operates under a well-defined set of criteria in the direction set by the partners.

The IGKMRP is working toward the goal by acquiring restorable wetlands with associated upland from WILLING sellers or through donations, and restoring the original, natural wetland and upland conditions to the extent practical. The ownership of these parcels is transferred to government agencies or non-profit organizations.


The Indiana grand Kankakee Marsh Restoration Project is a volunteer organization. The Lake Heritage Parks Foundation monitors and manages the grant funds from the North American Wetlands Conservation Act. Each participating organization handles it's own expense and commitments.


Accomplishments of the project include:



* The enlistment of 14 partners bringing a commitment of $2,400,000 in funds, services, and materials

* A successful bid for finding from the North American Wetlands Conservation Act totaling $1,500,000.

* A growing number of completed acquisitions and a schedule of restorations. (See map)


* The enlistment of 30 new and former partners bringing a commitment of $2,760,000 of funds, services, and materials

* A second application to the North American Wetlands Conservation Act for $1,000,000.



We are a diverse group with a common bond. Committed to contributing to the goals set forth by the North American Waterfowl Management Plan, we all share a common interest in sustaining an effort to return portions f the old Grand Kankakee Marsh to the way it used to be. Whether for wildlife, flood control, recreation, or just a good feeling, we are united in working on a project that will have lasting implications for all of us.

We welcome new partners, and the partnership is growing. So too is our ability to meet our goals.


AC Printing, Inc.

Adamczyk & Associates, CPA LLP

Blythe Sport Shops, Inc.

Cerestar USA

D.J. Case and Associates

Cedar Lake Fish and Game

Ducks Unlimited

G.E. Marshall Excavators

Griffith Izaak Walton League

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Indiana Heritage Trust

Kankakee River Basin Commission

Lake County Parks and Recreation Department

Lake Heritage Parks Foundation

Lowell Parks Department

National Biological Service

The Nature Conservancy

J.F. New and Associates

Northern Indiana Publice Service Company

Olin Corporation Charitable Trust

Primetime Cable Ads

Purdue University Dept. of Forestry and Natural Resources

Ritschard Brothers, Inc.

St. Joseph County Parks and Recreation Department

St. Joseph County Park Foundation

Sierra Club

Studer & Associates

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Waterfowl USA

Wille and Stiener Real Estate

There is always room for more, and there is much left to do. We welcome your inquiries into participation as a partner. For further information please contact

Jim Sweeney



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