Sample letter in support of the
Grand Kankakee Marsh National Wildlife Refuge

Representative Steve Buyer (or your rep.) (date)
U. S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C., 20515

Dear Congressman,

I am writing to you to let you know that I support the establishing of a federal National Wildlife Refuge on the Kankakee River in Indiana and Illinois.

The Kankakee basin was once home to the largest inland marsh in North American before it was drained and it was famous around the world for its wildlife, waterfowl, and game.

The obvious need for solutions to ongoing flooding and erosion problems along the Kankakee River require land to be put aside to hold water and vegetation to keep the topsoil in place. A wildlife preserve on the river is a perfect match. Significant recreational dollars can also be generated with a refuge so close to a metropolitan area.

I encourage you to support the refuge proposal. The Grand Kankakee Marsh is a lost treasure and we have an opportunity to bring a small part of it back.

Thank you,

(Your address and zip code are VERY important!!!)

Please send a copy of the letter to Jim Sweeney and he will send copies to all other appropriate elected officials in Indiana and in Washington DC.

Jim Sweeney
1773 Selo Dr.
Schererville, IN 46375

Copies will be sent to Senators Lugar and Coats, Governor Frank O'Bannon, your state senators and representatives, your county commissioners, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Illinois letter writers will be assisted in the same manner.


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