Congress Turns Appropriations Bills Into Nature-Destroying Secret Weapons!

uestion:  How can Congress get unpopular anti-environmental laws passed without the People knowing about it?

nswer:  By attaching 65 nature-crushing riders on unrelated Appropriations Bills.

his is worse than 1995. Back then they tried to gut the Clean Water Act, shut down National Parks, and eviscerate the Endangered Species Act. They failed. The American public rose up and stopped them cold. This time, they're trying to do the same thing...And they're doing it quietly - without any debate."

Bruce Babbit - US Secretary of the Interior

Act Now!
Act Now!

rom the coast of Florida to the rainforest of Alaska, our public lands are under assault from members of Congress who are plotting to harm these environmental treasures through back-door legislative maneuvers"

William H. Meadows - President of The Wilderness Society

his Congress seems to think that it can ignore the will of the people by attachingEye on Washington! anti-environmental "riders" to Appropriations Bills. They are hoping that we won't notice. According to the Wilderness Society, 7 out of 10 Americans would back the veto of Bills relaxing Environmental Regulations.

A September 17 Los Angeles Times op-ed by Rodger Schlickeisen of Defenders of Wildlife  says 65 of 69 anti-environmental riders attached to appropriations bills by Republicans are evidence the party has undergone a "radical transformation....Republicans have redefined political conservatism to mean anti-conservation."  

U rge the President to VETO all Appropriations Bills that have anti-environmental riders attached to them!