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World Trade Organization:
Everything You Need To Know About The WTO...

The WTO is among the most powerful, and one of the most secretive international bodies on earth. It is rapidly assuming the role of global government, as 134 nation-states, including the U.S., have ceded to its vast authority and powers.
International Forum on Globalization!

A great source for information on the WTO. Filled with usefull links, quality articles, and amusing commentaries. Updated regularly!
Citizens On The Web!

Learn more about the issues and workings of global trade. Keep your eye on what's happening with global trading politics at...
Global Trade Watch!

Use this site to learn more about issues surrounding the World Trade Organization and its effects on our society, and get involved. The WTO must be radically changed if we are to enjoy a society based on human rights, labor rights, and environmental protection around the world. 
Seattle WTO Website!

Learn more about the issues surrounding the World Trade Organization and find press-related resources and information on the WTO, global trade policy, and sustainable development.
WTO Watch!

Everything you need to know about the WTO according to the trade bureaucrats and corporate suits that run it.
WTO Website!

Consideration of GATT's relationship to environmental policy is an emerging concern in trade and environmental policy circles. Until the Uruguay Round of GATT negotiations, the word environment did not appear in the GATT text. Several provisions and sections of GATT may be relevant to environmental issues, however. The following sections of GATT are often referenced in the examination of trade-environment issues.
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade!


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